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We take pride in our park and hope you will too, it is a little community and the happiness of all our guests is our #1 priority.  In order to make sure everyone is entitled to a good time we have some rules and guidelines that must be followed.  We have listed our rules and guidelines below and given you justification as to why we need to enforce them.  If you have any suggestions on new rules or ways we can improve our park please visit our office and fill out a form for the suggestion box.

#1)  SAFETY!

  • Safety is always first, please drive safely in our park as there are a lot of children around


#2)  1 RV, Tent, or Motor Home per site (Check in time is at 2:00 pm; Check out time is at 12 noon)

  • Each site rental includes 2 adults and 3 children, you can add a maximum of 2 extra guests per site. Adults are $5 per night and children $2.50 per night.  If you would like a late check-out please check with office prior to 10am.


#3)  1 vehicle per site

  • The park can get VERY crowded if extra vehicles are brought in, this changes depending on how busy we are.  If you would like to bring in extra vehicles or have a visitor, please ask at the office. If you have a boat please let us know.


#4)  All Dogs must be on a leash

  • Dogs can approach people who may be afraid of dogs and also conflict with other dogs.  This is the only city park where dogs are allowed,  please help us keep it that way. Also please pick up after your dog,  nobody likes a messy foot! There are stations with bags provided.


#5)  The front gate will be locked at 11 pm each night and re-opened at 6 am

  • Local traffic will come into our park to party, “park” and swim. This disrupts our guests.  Locking the gate takes this traffic away and makes for a better stay for registered guests.


#6)  Garbage cans and recycling bins are located at the washrooms.

  • This makes for a clean park and a safe park.  If getting your trash to the bins is an issue please let us know and we will have the grounds crew come and get it, please have it bagged and ready.


#7)  No mats on the grass

  • Having great grounds is a priority to us, mats kill the grass and it takes weeks to get it back.


#8)  RV wash is bucket wash only

  • It is better for our environment and also helps us cut down on the staggering water bill!


#9)  Quiet time starts at 11 PM

  • We want you to have a great time but we also want all your neighbours to have a great time.  You can still sit around your fire and connect but please be courteous to those around you.  Our staff will come by and give you a warning if you are being too loud, if they have to come back we will be escorting you out of the park.


#10)  Have fun!

  • We feel these rules and guidelines are fair and if followed everyone should have a great stay, if there is something we can do to improve your stay please let us know.  We are at work and you are on vacation!


There are many adventures to go on while in Kenora, Kayaking, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddling, Fishing, Rock Climbing… The list goes on and on so we have partnered up with Green Adventures. Please check them out here: